Setting up a Helix (Sitecore) project with Yeoman Sitecore Generator

Today i released a first version of my Yeoman Sitecore Generator[beta]. With this generator you can generate fast and simple Sitecore Solutions, based on the Helix1 principles and conventions. This version also provides several Helix Layers, is preconfigured for git and nuget and also supports unicorn.

Getting Started

  1. Open a console according to your own choice, i personally like
  2. npm install -g yo
  3. npm install -g generator-sitecore
  4. yo sitecore
  5. nuget restore

Node.js is a prerequisite

Yeoman Sitecore Generator in action

Documentation / Repo


Features (next releases)

  • .NET version selector
  • Sitecore version selector
  • publish profile (optional)
  • Full unicorn support
  • more generators (Data Exchange Framework, Sitecore Experience Accelerator)

If you find any bugs please use

Sascha Heyer

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